Modified Electrically Released Brake for Escalators
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Modified Electrically Released Brake for Escalators

February 25, 2013 Electrically Released Brake

A leading escalator OEM required an emergency, power-off brake solution for a line of escalators used in commercial and retail applications. The brakes are mounted directly to the output shaft of the escalator drive motor.

Warner Electric engineers developed a modified electrically-released (ER), permanent magnet brake that featured modulated torque to meet U.S. deceleration rate standard for escalators.

The ER brake automatically engages when power is cut off either by a utility outage or the emergency stop buttons located at the top and bottom of the escalator. The unique modulated torque design provides a smooth, controlled stop which prevents injury to passengers and damage to equipment. The brake was also engineered with a reduced overall width to fit the application’s small footprint requirement.

Warner Electric’s ER Series electrically released brakes, with powerful permanent magnets, are ideal for dynamic braking applications such as escalators. Units automatically compensate for wear, never need adjustment, and are pre-burnished to assure rated torque upon installation. Segmented armature design provides high heat dissipation and long service life.

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