Modified CMS Clutch for Oil Field Pump Jack
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Modified CMS Clutch for Oil Field Pump Jack

January 14, 2013
Oil Field Pump Jack

An engine manufacturer requested a clutch for use on oil field pump jacks. A clutch was needed to serve two purposes. First, the clutch allows the engine to restart without the load after maintenance is completed. Second, if the oil level of the well falls below the suction tube, the engine is clutched to allow the oil level to recover. Previously, before the clutch was used, the engine either kept running and had excessive wear, or the engine was shut off and then had to be restarted.

Warner Electric engineers developed a modified CMS (Commercial Mag Stop) clutch to meet the OEMs function and performance requirements. The CMS clutch is bearing mounted with steel friction plates. The clutch assembly mounts directly to the engine shaft and features a double groove pulley to accommodate twin V-belts that drive the pump shaft.

The modified CMS clutch is a low cost solution when compared to competitive clutch models. Units are easy to install and feature a low power draw while using current from the engine’s alternator circuit. The modified CMS also has instant on/off capability which allows for engine warm up in cold weather conditions.

CMS clutches are available with either 200 or 250 torque ratings. For higher torque pump jack applications, Warner Electric also supplies the GT300 clutch (300 and SF-1000 clutch (700

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