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Modified CMS and GT300 Clutches For Grain Augers

May 16, 2012 CMS Clutch Farm & Agriculture
Grain Augers

A large Canadian grain auger manufacturer was seeking clutch solutions that would provide added safety, control and convenience to their line of augers which are powered by different sized engines. The grain augers are used to transfer grain from storage silos into trucks for transport.

To meet the application requirements, Warner Electric engineers provided two different clutches, a modified CMS (Commercial Mag Stop) clutch and a modified GT300 clutch.

The primary purpose of the clutches is to allow the operator to start and stop the auger without shutting down the gas engine drives. The electric clutches are easy to install and feature optional remote controls at both the intake and the discharge ends of the auger. The remote clutch controls allow the operator to control the auger from a safe distance while filling truck boxes to optimal levels.

The modified GT300 clutch, with a 300 torque rating, is designed for use on larger augers powered by 40HP, two-cylinder gas engines. The modified CMS clutch, utilized on augers with smaller engine sizes, is bearing mounted with steel friction plates. Both clutch assemblies mount directly to the engine shafts. The GT300 model features a triple-groove pulley and the CMS model has a double-groove pulley to accommodate the multiple V-belts that drive the auger shafts.

Warner Modified CMS and GT300 Clutches

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  • Clutches provide added safety, control and convenience
  • Two clutches supplied to meet various drive motor HP ratings
  • GT300 clutch has a 300 torque rating
  • CMS models available with either 200 or 250 torque rating
  • Both clutch models are designed for easy installation
  • Optional dual remote controls are available from the manufacturer
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