Electric Parking and Emergency Brakes for Drivetrain Manufacturers

Looking for quality and reliable braking for your electrification customers? At Warner Electric, we've been electrifying for decades.

As one of the largest industrial brake manufacturers in the world, we know your customers and we know electrification. Like you, we’re working hard to make a positive impact on the world by providing proven, reliable, and clean alternatives to hydraulic and pneumatic brakes.

Warner Electric parking and emergency brakes have been used to electrify OEM vehicles such as forklift trucks, golf carts, and aerial work platforms for decades and are ideal for battery-powered applications in compact construction equipment, outdoor power equipment, autonomous agricultural equipment, AGVs and more. We are actively working with major drivetrain manufacturers to affordably integrate electric brakes into their assemblies to reduce maintenance and improve performance for their customers’ vehicles.

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Our electric brakes are:

  • Rugged, field-tested, and maintenance-free
  • Eco-friendly with low power consumption and compact design
  • Easy-integrate into existing designs
  • Precise and powerful
  • Available as custom and standard

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Gain Competitive Advantage with Warner’s Proprietary Advanced Non-Stick Friction Material

Specifically designed for outdoor environments with high moisture levels and wide temperature differentials, our non-stick friction material has proven to retain stable torque in between static parking and high energy service and emergency stopping during rigorous climate chamber and endurance testing, as well as extensive field testing.

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Why choose Warner Electric?

Decades of Electrification Experience - Customized and Standardized Solutions – Dedication to Quality and Safety

The world is going green - and so are your customers. As you're working to bring emerging technology to life, Warner Electric is your partner for eco-friendly electromagnetic braking solutions.

Warner Electric has spent decades working directly with customers to design modified-standard and completely customized battery-powered braking and clutch-brake solutions. That coupled with our global footprint and production ramp-up capability puts us in a unique position to deliver the solution and performance you need, quickly and affordably.

In addition to being customizable, our product line offerings are easy to assemble and feature proven technology. Since 2010, more than 30 key OEMs have chosen Warner Electric's electromagnetic PK Brake as their solution when electrifying more than 500,000 forklift trucks and aerial platforms.

We're no stranger to electrification or your customers. OEMs and Drivetrain manufacturers already view the Warner Electric engineering team as an extension of their internal engineering departments. OEMs routinely ship prototype machines to our Innovation Center, where Warner engineers develop a custom clutch or parking brake solution for the specific application, and then define and perform all appropriate testing protocols in-house.

Though the world is changing, our commitment to serving our customers remains the same.

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