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The Warner E330 VAR 04/VAR 14 is electrically operated 103,5/48 or 207/103,5 VDC depending on size, a tooth clutch, and activated by spring pressure.



  • Coupling of a pulley or a hub
  • Engagement has to be made at standstil or at very low speed, in case of doubt consult the factory
  • Destined to remain coupled over long periods


  • This device works with two voltages: one for disengagement, one for position maintain
  • Positive coupling for drive without slipping
  • Standard available for random or synchronised operation (one or more position(s)/rev). Multiposition/rev as option (VAR n4, “n” indicates number of positions)
  • Option : detection disc allows the coupling position to be validated, see E330 VAR504
  • Fixed inductor mounted on ball bearings
  • Sealed bearings


  • Verify position of tooth “Q” prior to installation
  • no wear adjustment required

Mounting Precautions

  • The anti-rotation device of the electromagnet shall be inserted in anti rotation slot, with a side play of 0,5 mm and a 1 mm play to the bottom. This avoids a normal stress on the ball-bearings.
  • It is forbidden to use in case of vibrations
  • Device intended for horizontal use; for vertical use, please consult the factory
  • The customers mounting method must take into account the axial thrust

Power Supply CBC 140-5

  • Overexcitation delay: 0,5 s (size 50) to 2 s (size 6400)
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