Off-Highway Construction

28 Januar 2019

Altra Industrial Motion präsentiert auf der IVT Expo 2019 innovative Lösungen für den Antriebsstrang

Vom 13. bis 14. Februar können sich die Besucher der Industrial Vehicle Technology (IVT) Expo aus erster Hand über die führenden Marken der Altra Industrial Motion Corporation informieren und eine Auswahl der leistungsstarken Antriebskomponenten für Bau-und Landmaschinen in Augenschein nehmen. An Stand 2068 in Halle 11.1 der Kölner Messe beraten Vertreter der Altra Industrial Motion Corporation Interessenten im Hinblick auf die konkreten Anforderungen ihrer Antriebe.

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17 April 2015

Survey Winch Survives the Arctic Clutches of Siberia

Geophysical survey trucks are worked long and hard, yet are required to consistently produce massive amounts of accurate data; day after day. When the survey area is Arctic Siberia, the working conditions are such that only the best engineering components can be used in the specialist equipment.

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03 März 2014

Warner Electric E320 VAR-04 Tooth Clutch for Oil and Gas Geophysical Logging Trucks

A major manufacturer of geophysical logging trucks required a durable clutch for use on their winch drives. The trucks are designed for operation in the harsh Siberian arctic environment. They carry a sophisticated scanner tool which is lowered into oil and gas bore holes to depths of up to 3000m.

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07 Januar 2013

Warner Electric Modified SF-825 Clutch For Hydro-Mulchers

Bowie Industries, a major hydro-seeder manufacturer, was looking for an electric clutch solution that could better accommodate the higher torque requirements on their larger models. The new electric clutches would replace existing inconvenient, manually-operated clutches.

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