Material Handling Market

05 April 2018

Die Marken von Altra Industrial Motion bringen eine Auswahl wegweisender Lösungen auf die CeMAT 2018

Die CeMAT ist die internationale Leitmesse für Intralogistik und Supply Chain Management und findet
in diesem Jahr vom 23. bis 27. April in Hannover statt. Anlässlich der Veranstaltung werden Matrix,
Guardian Couplings, Stromag, Warner Electric und Warner Linear das umfassende AntriebstechnikKnow-how
der Altra Industrial Motion Corporation demonstrieren.

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28 Mai 2015

Warner EM/ERS Spring-Set Brake Module for Overhead Doors

A manufacturer of large overhead doors uses a C-face motor and 150:1 helical reducer to open and close their doors. When a door is in a partially-open position, the weight of the door can be sufficient enough to backdrive the high-ratio gearbox and lower by itself. The door does drop slowly enough that dangerous high-speed impacts are not an issue.

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16 März 2015

Warner ERC100 Brake & CBCx Switch for Material Handling Crane/Manipulator Arm

A major material handling manipulator and crane OEM was looking for an “all-electric” brake solution for their multiple swivel arm product used worldwide on automotive and industrial assembly lines.

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10 November 2014

Warner MB Series Permanent Magnet Brake for Plastic Bag Closure Extruder

The challenge of a Carolina manufacturer of plastic bag closures was to rewind the web of material consistently so that the closures could be used in packaging systems by their customers. For the product to work well in the end use packaging systems the roll of closures needed to be of a consistent wrap tightness and alignment.

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14 Juni 2012

Warner Electric CB-10 Super Wrap Spring Clutch/Brake Baggage Handling Conveyor Diverters

Airport baggage sorting conveyors are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, especially when it comes to the diverter paddles which swing in and out of position to direct luggage to the proper carousels.

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